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How Do You Price your Services?

One of the most basic and frequently asked questions is actually one of the most difficult to answer. If you want to know why, keep reading!


To be able to accurately answer any questions about rates, I'll need to know more about your party and your expectations. It makes the process go more smoothly if you can answer these 4 questions.

  1. How many children/faces will you need to have painted at your event? Without this basic information, there is no way we can estimate a cost.

  2. How long the party will be? Sometimes we have more time to paint fewer faces, other times we have a very limited amount of time to paint lots of faces. Either way, consider the fact that painting 15 faces in 1 hour means the painter has only 4 minutes to spend on each person and often this time includes getting into and out of the chair, adjusting hair, picking colors, and sometimes, having to take extra care with some children that may be a bit nervous or wiggly.

  3. What city/state the party is located in? This is important because it helps determine travel time and whether or not it will factor into the price.

  4. Another basic question is what service are you looking for? Often people call looking for "just quick face painting" without realizing that "cheek art" can take longer than painting a full face. Sometimes people assume that we can do multiple services, since we are already there, but rates may change based on time and materials.

Phone tag isn't fun and when you are trying to plan a party, it's even less enjoyable. Hopefully this information will be helpful since it will certainly streamline the process and get you an answer more quickly!

Thanks for reading!

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